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A tour of Háblalo's history

The beginnings

Háblalo was born at the end of 2016

At first, it was a small personal project of Mateo Salvatto, its creator, to help some deaf students of his mother communicate better.

The company

After reaching 20,000 users,

from organic growth in Argentina, Mateo joined Sergio Cantarovici and Laura Muchnik to create Asteroid, the company that would take Háblalo to the next level.
The process

Thanks to Asteroid, we have assisted over 350,000 people

with various communication disabilities in 65 countries on 5 continents, completely free of charge, without internet connection and in 40 languages.

Where did we want to go?

Our philosophy made us want to go further.

We understood that if we really wanted to change the world and forever, we had to change how things were done… And that’s what we did.

A disruptive business model

This is how Háblalo for Business was born,

our business model for organizations is a service that allows private companies and public institutions to be more inclusive with people with disabilities, so they can provide services adapted to a public of over five hundred million people. Dozens of organizations already trust us to bring them closer to a much more inclusive future.
Our impact

During these six years, Háblalo has been recognized...

among other awards, as Humanitarian Innovation of the Year by MIT and Best Social Development in the World by Peking University. On the other hand, Asteroid was chosen as one of the TOP 100 Startups in the World by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Saudi Arabia and winner of first place in the Santander X Global Awards. Háblalo and all the team at Asteroid continue to work tirelessly to create a much more inclusive world…

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