Hablalo – Comunicarse es para todos


Get Talking!
Communicate without any hurdles
Háblalo is the app which enables more than 100,000 people to communicate

Get Talking!
Communicate without any hurdles
Háblalo is the app which enables more than 100,000 people to communicate

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You can communicate without difficulty thanks to Háblalo.

Háblalo communicates… stories

What functions does it offer?

Text to voice translation

so that you can talk with who you want.

Voice to text translation

so that your phone can listen for you.

Useful gadgets/ tools

useful for everyday life situations.

Doesn´t require a network

Doesn´t require an internet connection.

Communication is for everyone

This gadget was developed for different types of impediments:

Deaf & Hearing loss/ Cerebral Palsy/ ALS/ ASD or any issue (pensar otra palabra) that impairs your speech . (me gusta mas: or any impediments that affect your speech)


We’re a global community!

We have over 100,000 users worldwide, and the same number of stories.

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Your company can be part of inclusion!

Háblalo for Business

It’s an innovative gadget that enables conversations with over 500 million people that face communication challenges. It also offers you the chance to become an inclusive organization for your collaborators and your potential consumers.

If you have an office, consulting room, a shop, a hotel, a restaurant; if you offer any type of service, Háblalo for Business is your opportunity to become an inclusive business. We are the best solution so that you can stay in touch and communicate with all of your handicapped clients/users!

Aside from you brand getting a certificate for recognition, by subscribing to “Háblalo for Business” you’d be helping to finance and support a project that assists thousands of people around the world.

Meet the team behind Háblalo

We’re Asteroid, an Argentinean start-up that develops technology for society’s greater good and has as its main objective to create a world that’s more inclusive and technologically literate. Our first development, Háblalo, already assists tens of thousands (of) users around the world… and this is just the beginning!

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