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Háblalo for business
Would you like to become an inclusive organization while you support the handicapped global communities?

Háblalo for business
Would you like to become an inclusive organization while you support the handicapped global communities?

Make your establishment inclusive with Háblalo

Háblalo for business

Háblalo for Business enables conversations with over 500 million people that face communication challenges. It also offers you the chance to become an inclusive organization for your collaborators and your potential consumers.

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If you have an office, consulting room, a shop, a hotel, a restaurant; if you offer any type of service, Háblalo for Business is your opportunity to become an inclusive business. We design a custom made solution so that you can stay in touch and communicate with all of your handicapped clients/users so that you can offer them your services as they deserve! Aside from you brand getting a certificate for recognition, by subscribing to “Háblalo for BUsiness” you’d be helping to finance and support a project that assists thousands of people around the world.


What are you waiting to join?

How do we do it?


We install it

We install a tablet with Háblalo in your establishment so that your employees can communicate with any disables customer.


We train
We train and bring awareness to all your employees so that, besides understanding the problematic, they can properly use Háblalo.


We communicate
We place a sticker on the window of your commerce, which indicates that you use Háblalo, and we add your brand or enterprise to our list of inclusive commerce.


You’re part of the Háblalo community
Your brand becomes one of the main sponsors of project Háblalo and is recognized worldwide as one of the first organizations to offer adapted customer service

What does it mean to you?

Innovation and inclusion
You’re one of the first brands worldwide to offer this solution… Not only you’re inclusive and innovating, but you differ greatly from your competition by prioritizing your client’s inclusion.
New clients  
All of these users, probably, didn’t pick your brand to consume products or a service… You got new clients!
You help build a better world
With your payment you’re helping an organization, that works towards a bigger inclusion worldwide, grow.
We add value to your enterprise
Our brand is recognized worldwide and always linked to inclusion and diversity: Adding us into your marketing strategy adds tons of value.

Our prices adjust to your necessities

Big companies subscriptions

Government and public services’ subscription

Special subscription for small and local businesses, and NGO’s

More organizations already took a leap and bet towards inclusion with Háblalo for Business. What are you waiting to set out an example?

Ready to change the world?

Request more information by emailing: sio@asteroidtechs.com